Desktop Wallpapers

Guild Wars 2 has eight professions, and now you can enjoy all of them on your desktop!
Update: added a couple single monitor resolutions, added an all-new triple monitor version.

Professions - Dual Monitor

Can't decide which Guild Wars 2 profession you like best? Have them all! These were designed to fit on dual monitor setups.

Professions - Single Monitor

I have some requests for this for those with only a single monitor. Had to make up some edges, but they turned out pretty well.

Professions - Black - Dual Monitor

For those who prefer a darker desktop image.

Professions - Black - Single Monitor

Black in single monitor formats.

Professions - Sepia - Dual Monitor

Something a little more neutral.

Professions - Sepia - Single Monitor

Sepia in single monitor formats.

9 Professions - White - Dual Monitor

The Minstrel: gone, but not forgotten. Only available in white.

9 Professions - White - Single Monitor

Get your minstrel fix in single monitor formats.

8 Professions - White - Triple Monitor

You guys are killing me. Had to redo the transitions, but here's some three-monitor versions for those of you with more desk space than you know what to do with.

8 Professions - Black - Triple Monitor

Black, three monitors. Good times.

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